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YSM Yacht Sale Market

About us

With years of experience in yacht charter; Yacht Sale Market is an established company based in Russia providing educational services as well as engaging in chartering yachts at various locations around the globe in collaboration with its global partner. Yacht Sale Market is an accredited institution with qualifications recognized throughout the world

Yacht charter around the world

In collabaration with its partners, Yacht Sale Market provides yacht to many different regions of the globe. For any purposes, vacations, participating in regatta, fishing, we have the appropriate boat that you may need. Our fleet of yacht includes the latest in models of catamaran, sailing boats, power boats, fishing yachts and gullets. Whether you are looking to enjoy your vacation at exotic places along the Medeterranean Sea, In the Caribbeans, on the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean or the Atlantic, we offer fast reliable services for your bookings and facilitate the completion of your document.

At our websites you can find appropriate locations that you are interested in visiting, register and follow the instruction for booking a yacht.

Learn sailing methods at Yacht Sale Market

Besides offering yacht charter services, we also have facilities in Russia providing the necessary education for the obtention of qualification permiting you to sail a yacht. With the certificate that you obtain at Yacht Sale Market, you will obtain the necessary paper work such as the International Certificate if Competence (ICC) which is recognized by many countries throughout the gobe. The certific ates that we provide includes the Royal Yachting Academy (RYA) certificate and the International Yacht Training (IYT) certificate which are necessary for the obtention of the ICC.

Other services that we provide

We also provide other services including selling boats and yachts, pre-purchase and offshore yacht consultation. We have dedicated staff experienced in the domain of watching that are at your disposal to provide you with any information that you may require. If you need to find out about the requirements for obtention of a skipper license, the necessary paperwork for sailing a boat or the studies that you need to follow, our website is very comprehensive and we have online chat, email and other contact methods that you can use to contact us.