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Country:  Italy
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Cabiria Sun Odyssey 32
800 €/week
Cabiria Sun Odyssey 32 - Etrusca , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 9.60    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2002      Type: Sailing

Available from 06-Apr-2013
Aries First 31.7
800 €/week
Aries First 31.7 - Genoa , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 9.85    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2005      Type: Sailing

Available from 01-Dec-2012
Olivia First 31.7
800 €/week
Olivia First 31.7 - Genoa , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 9.85    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2001      Type: Sailing

Available from 29-Dec-2012
Mathilda Oceanis 311
900 €/week
Mathilda Oceanis 311 - Genoa , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 9.85    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2001      Type: Sailing

Available from 05-Jan-2013
Sonia Bavaria 32
900 €/week
Sonia Bavaria 32 - Trapani , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 9.99    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2011      Type: Sailing

Available from 13-Oct-2012
Alchita Bavaria 32
2.050 € 990 €/week
Alchita Bavaria 32 - Portisco , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 10.30    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2004      Type: Sailing

Available from 10-Nov-2012
Kiuoppt Sun Odyssey 32
1.000 €/week
Kiuoppt Sun Odyssey 32 - Marina di Nettuno , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 6   Length (m): 9.60    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2005      Type: Sailing

Available from 10-Nov-2012
Esmeralda Oceanis 331-3 Clipper
1.000 €/week
Esmeralda Oceanis 331-3 Clipper - Trapani , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 3   Beds: 8   Length (m): 10.35    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2003      Type: Sailing

Available from 13-Oct-2012
Maya Bavaria 31 Cruiser
2.116 € 1.032 €/week
Maya Bavaria 31 Cruiser - Portisco , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 2   Beds: 5   Length (m): 9.76    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2008      Type: Sailing

Available from 23-Feb-2013
Gabry Oceanis 361
1.100 €/week
Gabry Oceanis 361 - Portisco , Italy , Mediterranean
Cabins: 3   Beds: 7   Length (m): 11.10    Crewed?: No   Built in: 2003      Type: Sailing

Available from 13-Oct-2012

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