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Sailing In Seychelles – Jewel Of Indian Ocean

Sailing Trip In Seychelles

if you probably search for the Seychelles in google, then you will probably end up with jewel of Indian ocean as a result. Ya, Seychelles is described as the jewel of Indian beauty because of sunny beaches it has and the yellow sand in those beaches. So if you have natural jewellery like this along a coastal area, what will be the best option to enjoy it other than a yacht charter? Yacht Trip in Seychelles can never be under estimated. It is giving a tough competition to the natural beauty of Seychelles.

Beauty Of Seychelles

Seychelles is gifted with a lot of natural aspect, which increases its beauty. Also with the yacht charters, you are adding feather to the cap of the king of jewellery. Some of the important aspects that add beauty to the Yacht Trip in Seychelles are given below,

-        The golden white coloured sand in the beaches of Seychelles can never be seen anywhere else

-        The sea water in Seychelles is very calm when being compared to the other beaches

-        You can never get the coral reefs similar to that of what is available in Seychelles

-        There are a lot of wildlife reserves in and around the place of Seychelles. So, if you are person who loves wild life, then you will love the Seychelles yacht trip for sure

-        Turtles and different species of sea birds that can never be found in the rest of the world are available in these wild life reserves

-        You can see a wide variety of fishes while going on a Yacht Trip in Seychelles

-        The St Anne marine national park situated in the place of Seychelles behaves as a residence for more than two hundred and fifty species of fishes.

Charters Available In Seychelles

The charters that are available in Seychelles are also unique in their characteristics. Some of the most important yacht charters that are to be noted when you are planning to go for Yacht Trip in Seychelles are,

-        Maverick II

-        Motor yacht codene

-        Motor yacht callista

-        M/Y sea stream

All these yacht charters are unique with their characteristics. So, before choosing a charter for your trip, you should make a small analysis that tells you which yacht charter to choose for your trip based on your requirements and budget. 

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