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Sailing In Spain

Sailing In Spain

Whenever you hear about Spain, red is what comes to the minds of most of the people. But, it has also to be noted that Spain is enriched with the blue beauty of Mediterranean Sea along its coast. And there lies a greater option of enjoying your Yacht Trip in Spain and its surroundings.


Where To Start?

There is a proverb called Do as Roman when you are in Rome. You could probably use this to start your Yacht Trip in Spain from Barcelona, which is also the second biggest city in Spain. This is because; Barcelona is considered to be the base for launching most of the yacht charters that are operating in and around Spain.


Fabulous Destinations Near Spain

If you probably are going to for a sailing trip, then you should also check all the nearby places in order to make your trip a memorable one. Here, we have listed out few of the famous yachting destinations near Spain.

  1. Palma
  2. Mediterranean
  3. Athens
  4. Nice
  5. Valencia
  6. Naples & Capri
  7. Balearic islands and so on

By visiting some of these places, you can make your sailing trip so valuable.


Famous Yachts To Be Noticed

There are some yachts that are very much famous in the place of Spain and you should surely take a note of them if you are going to Spain for a yacht vacation. Listed below are the three famous yachts that are available in the area of Spain.

  • Benita Blue
  • Let It Be
  • Alibi

All these three yachts are luxury class yachts and they are different in their features. Benita Blues is a small luxury yacht that can accommodate only 10 people per trip. If you are a group of nearing 10 in number, then you probably can rock your trip with this yacht. The next yacht Let It Be contains 5 cabins and it is somewhat bigger when being compared to the former yacht. The yacht Alibi is the biggest of these three yachts and it can accommodate 6 cabins of people. If you still need more information on how to plan a Yacht Trip in Spain, then please feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to help you with our valuable services.

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