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Sailing in BVI

Different Yacht Charters Available For Yacht Trip In Bvi

>Get to know about the different yacht charters that are available in order to go for a Yacht Trip in BVI with your friends and family.


Bvi – The Classic Caribbean Charter Destination

BVI stands for British Virginian islands and it stands among the top of the list of the classic Caribbean charter destinations for vacations. The best thing about this charting location is that, this charting environment suits both the motor yacht charting as well as the sailing yacht charting.

  • Natural: The BVI islands are filled with natural mysteries. Inside the British Virginian islands, there are 5fifty volcanic islands as an approximate count and some cays.
  • Serenity: no buildings are allowed in these islands to be built over the height of a palm tree. And there are also no direct aeroplanes from most of the tourist places to these islands.
  • Calm: Due to these natural mysteries and government policies, this particular yachting charter destination will always be calm and relaxed. So, people who love to be relaxed and alone can visit this yachting destination as their Yacht Trip in BVI.

To sum up all these, you can choose your yachting destination as BVI if you would like to have stunning beaches, gentle sailing and awesome snorkelling.

Yacht Charters Available In Bvi

  • You have a lot of yacht charters available in BVI. Given below are few of them to assist you in choosing a beYacht Sale Market for your trip.
  • Pegasus V – this yacht charter was built in the early 2003 and it contains 6 decks for the purpose of giving room to the charting guests.
  • Motor yacht lady brit – unlike the Pegasus, the motor yacht lady brit is a new charter that is built only on 2010. Interior design and decoration was given much importance in this yacht charter and you will like this for sure.
  • UTOPIA Feadship – this yacht charter holds a place for itself in the list of largest yacht charters that were ever built. You can get this charter if you are making your trip to Mediterranean seas and Caribbean seas.
  • SHERAKHAN – Sherakhan was re - launched in the recent times and it is one of the most important luxury yacht charters available around England.
  • Super yacht blue moon – this charter is given a lot of importance to its interior look and it can accommodate 12 guests at a point of time.

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