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If you have not time and are going to pass all tuition stages in one trip, we can offer you the intensive course for 10 days! Read more


RYA all trainig courses

  • Previous experience: None
    Assumed knowledge: None
    Course content Introduction to sailing and seamanship
    Ability after course Basic sailing experience
    Minimum duration: 2 days

    Aimed at those with no previous experience, this enjoyable weekend ’taster’ course provides a basic introduction to sailing in tidal waters.

    With a maximum of 4 individuals on each course your instructor will spend as much time as is necessary helping you get used to your new environment as you discover how to live aboard.

    As well as being shown how to hoist sails, handle ropes and keep a safe lookout at sea you’ll also experience steering a yacht under sail and engine power. At the end of the course most people have had a lot of fun want to come back to learn more.
    Holders of a Start Yachting course completion certificate need only to attend a further two weekends in order to complete the Competent Crew syllabus.  Check availability
  • Previous experience: None
    Assumed knowledge: None
    Course content Basic seamanship, sail handling and safety
    Ability after course Useful crew member
    Minimum duration: 5 days or a 2-day and a 3-day weekend

    Taken over 5 days or a 2-day and a 3-day weekend, the Competent Crew course is an ideal introduction to sailing. Whether you’ve sailed a bit before or are an absolute beginner, our ultra-patient approach allows you to progress through the syllabus at your own pace. 

    Your instructor will help you to acclimatise to life aboard a yacht while learning the basics of seamanship and sailing in tidal waters − including sail handling & trimming, rope & deck work, knots and helming (steering). You’ll also gain knowledge of nautical terms, experience at least one night sail and have great fun practising your crewing skills while exploring bustling harbours and unspoilt creeks.

    price700With low numbers aboard you may even be able to cover parts of the Day Skipper syllabus as well. By the end of your course you’ll have become a genuine asset to any boat you sail on.
  • Previous experience 5 days, 100 miles, 4 night hours
    Assumed knowledge Navigation to Day Skipper and basic sailing ability
    Course content Basic pilotage, boat handling, practical navigation
    Ability after course Skipper a small yacht in familiar waters by day
    Minimum duration: 5 days or 2-3 weekends

    The Day Skipper practical course is a great introduction to skippering for sailors ready to progress from Competent Crew level after completing a basic shore based theory course - or who have acquired roughly the same level of sailing experience & theoretical knowledge independently. It is particularly suitable for anyone about to buy their own boat or embark on their first charter. 

    The course aims to provide you with the skill and confidence required to undertake a short passage in tidal waters as skipper and then be able to berth the boat safely when you get there. Emphasising good seamanship and skippering, the course also includes boat handling in confined spaces and sailing at night. 

    Note: Holders of a Day Skipper course completion certificate can apply directly to the RYA for an ICC (International Certificate of Competence).

  • Previous experience 15 days, 2 as skipper, 300 miles, 8 night hours
    Assumed knowledge Navigation to Coastal Skipper, sailing to Day Skipper
    Course content Skippering techniques and passage planning
    Ability after course Skipper a yacht on coastal passages by day/night
    Minimum duration 5 days - Sunday to Friday

    The 5 day Coastal Skipper practical course is designed for those with some previous skippering experience who aspire to take a yacht on longer offshore and coastal passages. With an emphasis on effective passage planning the course is quite intensive and includes day and night time pilotage, close quarters boat handling under motor and sail, navigating safely in restricted visibility and how to deal with emergency situations.

    Our instructors will help you to brush up on elements of the Day Skipper syllabus if needed, but the focus is on planning and then making more adventurous trips in tidal waters.


    At the end of the course a Coastal Skipper course completion certificate will be awarded to those who are deemed to understand what is required to skipper a yacht on an offshore passage by day or night.

  • Our world-renowned 7 day preparation courses in tidal waters are designed to prepare practical sailors for their RYA/MCA Yachtmaster Coastal and Yachtmaster Offshore examinations - conducted by an independent RYA examiner over the last 2 days. For each of these prestigious qualifications, both the course and exam follow much the same format, but a Yachtmaster Coastal’s ability isn’t expected to match that of a more experienced Yachtmaster Offshore. 

    Check pre-exam sea time requirements

    The examiner will look at your overall skippering ability, particularly in boat handling, sailing and pilotage situations by day and night. Therefore, we spend most of the time practicing the manoeuvres that you’re likely to be asked to demonstrate - building up your ability and confidence. During the intensive 5 day 'brushing up' period, your instructor will work extremely hard to help you pass by concentrating on your practical sailing & navigational skills - filling in any gaps and offering continual constructive feedback. This is essentially a practical course, so it’s well worth making sure that your basic theory knowledge is up to speed before you arrive. 

    At «WoW» is no compulsion to take the exam at the end of the 5 day prep course. If you think you need more practice, you can always hang on to the exam fee and return to take the exam later - at no extra cost.


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